Pharmaderm Herbal Family Soap – 12pcs

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Pharmaderm Herbal Family Soap – 12pcs

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Key Features
  •  Suitable for all skin types
  • ·         Removes dirt and impurities
  • ·         Smoothens the skin
  • ·         Classic fragrance and freshness
  • ·         Removes chronic spots
  • ·         Helps eliminate bacteria that causes pimples


Pharmaderm herbal soap is an antiseptic and anti-microbic soap. It purifies the skin from impurities. Based on high tech complex, it will give you a healthy skin, protection and comfort. Clears rashes and itchy feelings in a week. It also gives a good skin tone and never darkens, classic fragrance and freshness, Helps lighten dark skin, Helps eliminate bacteria that cause pimples, removes chronic spots, Helps eliminate clogged pores that can lead to infections & blemishes, It maintains a lighter, fairer and clearer complexion. Pharmaderm medicated soap is an antiseptic and anti-microbic agent that helps to eliminate body odour.

Made from 100% natural ingredients including coconut oil for healthy looking skin and benzoic acid for effective infection prevention and treatment. PHARMADERM HERBAL soap, body and facial care, has a wonderful and rich lather that leaves the skin clean, soft, supple and flawless. Proven to work well to fight off skin infections and leave your skin radiant and clean. Great for all ages and skin types.


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